Will Degrowth Replace Green Growth?

Degrowth is a ludicrous idea to many business people. Yet, science and non governmental business influencers with strong mainstream credibility are now talking about it as an imperative. This mirrors early patterns of attention given to climate action decades ago, when mass industrial decarbonisation seemed absurd. Degrowth - The New Conversation What is Degrowth? Degrowth … Continue reading Will Degrowth Replace Green Growth?

Business Sustainability Has Lost Its Way

The bright lights of ESG are distracting us from the primary purpose of business sustainability. A sobering report from the UN Secretary-General warns that we are regressing on the SDGs. It's time now for corporates to turn their powerful gaze toward absolute impact and to refocus on business sustainability's raison d'ĂȘtre. This post was first … Continue reading Business Sustainability Has Lost Its Way