Illuminem, 23 November 2022

Larry Elliott’s Version of Degrowth Is Something Else

A rebuttal of Larry Elliott’s (Economics Editor at The Guardian) article of 17 November 2022 in which he misrepresents degrowth and paints a dim picture of its potential.

Kiwi Diary, 8 August 2022

Imagining the 21st Century Economy

Earth is in overshoot because of economic growth, yet all financial, business and political systems are focused on growth. Imagine an alternative.

New Zealand Geographic, July-August 2016

Eden in Auckland

One of the rarest ecologies in the world is hiding in plain sight, in the centre of the most central suburb of the largest city in New Zealand. Of more than 5000 hectares of rock forest that once shrouded the lava boulderfields of the Auckland isthmus, only tiny remnants survive, totalling just 29 hectares. Welcome to the secret world of the city’s last rock forest.