Heliocene.org is a knowledge platform presenting a deliberately small set of continually updated articles on the vast, fast-moving topic of business sustainability. The goal is to succinctly explain the ideas emerging from high sustainability-performing multinational businesses around the world in ways that are shaped to Aotearoan points of view.

Heliocene came about because, despite the inundation of literature on business sustainability, there is a lack of holistically curated, custom written, locally-biased content on emerging best practices. Heliocene strives to fill this gap on a non commercial, creative commons basis.

Heliocene.org was established in 2020 by Jennifer Wilkins (LinkedIn).

“I’m a classically trained corporate professional (accountant, MBA, blue chip, etc) who took a decade out to raise my family as an expat in Japan and California and, like so many women returning to the workforce, I changed focus. Around 2016, my writing about nature in the built environment started to get published and I began directing content development in constructor proposals to government for major infrastructure projects. Here, where corporate motivation meets public needs, I saw how business can contribute brilliantly to sustainable development, but I also saw fertile opportunities disregarded when decision makers didn’t value them. I decided to learn all I could about best practice business sustainability. What I found is that information on this vast topic is complex, constantly advancing and not always reliable. Through searching, simplifying and staying ahead, I aim to deliver useful, persuasive knowledge to New Zealand decision makers so that our businesses can make a world class contribution to local and global development goals.”

Get in touch at heliocene.nz@gmail.com