Degrowth Policy Example

Degrowth is a democratic, planned reduction in production and consumption to rebalance humanity’s relationship with nature and improve human wellbeing.

I talk a lot about how businesses and industries need to be aware of degrowth as a resilience issue – meaning they need to prepare to adapt and transform as degrowth forces gather and take effect.

Here is an example of degrowth forces in action that will affect businesses:

IssueSpain currently consumes more meat than any other EU country
Industrial outputs of meat are at ecologically harmful and socially unnecessary levels
ActorGovernment – Scientific Committee of the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition
ActionPolicy – national dietary guidance
“The adoption by the Spanish population of a varied and balanced diet pattern characterised mainly by a greater predominance of foods of plant origin and a lower presence of foods of animal origin, in line with the Mediterranean diet pattern, can improve the state of health and well-being, while reducing the environmental impact of the food system.”
Desired effect of actionReduce mass consumption of meat
Potential impactsReduction in resource and energy use
Reduction in pollution
Improvements in wellbeing
Job increases in plant food sector
Job losses in the meat sector
Stranded assets in the meat sector
Necessary responsePlan for a just transition for meat value chain workers and to provide for the needs of communities that are currently centred on meat production

Featured image by Eiliv Aceron on Unsplash

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