The Mana Kai Framework: A Degrowth Lens

The Mana Kai Framework is a set of values, goals and objectives to improve the food provisioning system in Aotearoa New Zealand, developed through a round of nationwide consultations, with the ultimate purpose of informing a National Food Strategy. This fits within the scope of degrowth, which is concerned with the sufficiency and universality of provisioning systems to meet human wellbeing needs within planetary boundaries. A brief analysis finds that the consultation process to develop the Mana Kai Framework assumed only a growth economy. A second round of consultations using a degrowth lens would produce a valuable alternative framework. This alternative framework could prove fruitful toward the stated Mana Kai aspiration to ignite a social movement to drive significant systemic change and could, alongside the existing framework, inform a National Food Strategy that is ready for growth and degrowth futures, both of which are plausible, thereby ensuring a more resilient food system.

Download The Mana Kai Framework: A Degrowth Lens:

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