The Mana Kai Framework: A Degrowth Lens

The Mana Kai Framework is a set of values, goals and objectives to improve the food provisioning system in Aotearoa New Zealand, developed through a round of nationwide consultations, with the ultimate purpose of informing a National Food Strategy. This fits within the scope of degrowth, which is concerned with the sufficiency and universality of … Continue reading The Mana Kai Framework: A Degrowth Lens

The Architecture of Degrowth

A thesis by Connolly Wilkins for a Master of Architecture at the University of Sydney explores a possible socio-ecological approach to the climate crisis through the elements of degrowth design parameters. It proposes a housing scheme on the site of the abandoned White Bay Power Station in Roselle, Sydney, Australia. Abstract: The Architecture of Degrowth … Continue reading The Architecture of Degrowth

New Zealand’s Biodiversity Strategy

This is a quick summary for corporates of the Aotearoa New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy Te Mana o te Taiao (2020-2050) and Implementation Plan 2022. In particular, the aim is for economic activities to have neutral or beneficial impacts on biodiversity. This can be interpreted as encouraging businesses to move beyond staying within regulations and making … Continue reading New Zealand’s Biodiversity Strategy

The Degrowth Opportunity

The report 'The Degrowth Opportunity' introduces business practitioners to degrowth thinking and provides foresight into a world that could, in the near future, be in a state of flux, with growth and degrowth forces swirling simultaneously. Written by Jennifer Wilkins, with a contribution from Dr Stefan Gray, a specialist in climate adaptation scenario analysis. It … Continue reading The Degrowth Opportunity

Investing in Degrowth

White paper 'Investing in Degrowth' draws attention to emerging ideas about the degrowth economy, setting out the rationale for investing in degrowth-compatible enterprises and laying down the groundwork for deciding the core characteristics of degrowth investing. Co-authors Jennifer Wilkins, founder of Heliocene, and Bill Murphy, Executive Director of Purpose Capital, call for New Zealand's sustainable … Continue reading Investing in Degrowth

Will The Future Be Pleased With Us?

The report 'Will the Future be Pleased with Us?' examines the business sustainability approaches of New Zealand’s twenty largest businesses by revenue. Its purpose is to aid discussion within the business community about the challenges facing larger firms as they seek to mature their business sustainability practice and integrate sustainability into their core business. heliocene_will-the-future-be-pleased-with-us_06082021Download … Continue reading Will The Future Be Pleased With Us?