Degrowth Presentation to the NZ Green Party Caucus

The Overton window is shifting. On 14 March 2023, the following presentation was made by Piers Locke, Hugh Ferguson and Tāne Feary, representing the Degrowth Greens Network, to the caucus of The Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand. On 8 March, globally renowned degrowth scholar Jason Hickel made an historic step forward in bringing degrowth … Continue reading Degrowth Presentation to the NZ Green Party Caucus

Degrowth: A Theory of Change

By popular request, here is a repeat of the presentation that kicked off the degrowth panel at the Auckland Climate Festival, October 2022. In his opening remarks to the panel's audience, New Zealand's climate change minister, James Shaw, said that Aotearoa needs to have a “critical conversation” about degrowth and solve how to downscale the … Continue reading Degrowth: A Theory of Change

Business Resilience to Degrowth

In this presentation to Wall Street investment bank Jefferies and its institutional investor clients, hosted by Aniket Shah, Global Head of ESG Strategy, and William Atcheson, ESG Strategist, Jennifer Wilkins discusses how businesses can prepare for economic degrowth by recognising it as a plausible future and planning ways to adapt and transform if degrowth changes … Continue reading Business Resilience to Degrowth